Part 1: Introduction - Building Embedded Linux Images with the Yocto Project

Interested in building a custom Linux image for your product? Toradex engineer, Brandon Shibley, demonstrates how you can leverage the Yocto Project and associated tools to configure, build and maintain a specialized Linux image - including bootloader, kernel, root filesystem, and software packages. The webinar is offered in two parts.

Part 1 offers an introduction to the Yocto Project followed by a summary of the associated build tools. Brandon walks you through the setup of a build environment and the building of the standard Toradex evaluation Linux image. The walkthrough also includes descriptions of basic configuration options and an overview of how packages and images are defined and built. After building an image, Brandon demonstrates how to deploy the image to a Toradex computer module and configure your development environment to create software for it.

Brandon also answers audience questions at the end of the session.

Part 2 of the webinar, held on March 02, 2016, is available for viewing here. Feel free to view one or both parts of the webinar. We recommend you to view both the Introductory and Advanced parts of the webinar for full topic coverage.

Datum: Feb 17, 2016
Sprache: English
#Embedded Linux #Getting Started #Yocto
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