Single Board Computers (SBC)
Carrier Boards

A carrier board is a hardware unit that complements a Computer on Module (CoM). The combination of the two is commonly referred to as a single-board computer (SBC). Toradex offers a comprehensive lineup of carrier boards from both our own portfolio and those of our accredited partners.

A carrier board provides the necessary signal and power levels to the CoM. It also houses application-specific connectivity and multimedia interfaces, such as USB, Ethernet, UART, HDMI and so on.

Carrier Board / Single Board Computer (SBC)

Ready to use

Each board in our portfolio is crafted for one of two stages of the project lifecycle: development or volume production. Toradex offers open-source carrier boards for both use cases, and our accredited partners supplement our offerings with their own carrier boards optimized for specific applications.

Development Boards

Speed up your design or easily create prototypes and proofs-of-concept with Toradex solutions targeting the development stage of your application.

Ideal for software development and demonstration purposes

Feature-rich set of connectivity interfaces

Emulate your final hardware

Convenient debugging ports

Rapid prototyping

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Production Boards

With off-the-shelf carrier boards designed and manufactured by Toradex or members of our accredited partner network, you can benefit from a reduced time to market.

Target volume production

Ready to deploy

Reduces project risks by avoiding hardware design complexity

Form factor- and cost-optimized for end products

Longevity commitment guarantees a safe long-term supply chain for your product

Life cycle management with PCN

Toradex Carrier Boards

Toradex volume production boards are fully open-source, so you can also manufacture them yourself.

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Partner Carrier Boards

Partner boards are optimized for specific applications, and many of our partners allow additional customization.

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Custom Boards

Carrier board customization allows you to use a Computer on Module in any project. You can design one yourself using our open-source carrier boards as a great starting point, or contact one of our skilled and experienced partners.

Design It Yourself

Our vast documentation, global support engineer team and broad community help companies to build custom carrier boards targeting our computer on modules every day.

Customized by Partners

Our network of proven partners offers design and manufacturing services for your carrier board to help you reduce the risks and complexity involved when you need a custom carrier board.

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Drag-and-Drop Design Tool

The Upverter Online Carrier Board design tool allows you to create customized carrier boards in minutes, without schematic or layout experience. The board will be delivered in 7-20 business days. Upverter generates EagleCAD files that you can import into your favorite tool for further customization.

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