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Easy-to-use Industrial Linux Platform

Torizon is a new Linux-based software platform that simplifies the process of developing and maintaining embedded software. It allows you to configure the system for your use case quickly and easily, so you can focus on application development instead of Linux builds.



Torizon provides you with a simple way to develop and maintain your software.

Fast time-to-market

Ready-to-use Linux distribution

Simple updates

Built-in, automotive-grade, over-the-air update capabilities


Frequent updates, accessible security features


Optimized real-time option


Modern continuous integration infrastructure and verification

Open Source

Based on open projects. No lock-in.

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Torizon is built as a modular system. It can be easily adjusted to your needs without the learning curve of the Yocto Project, and every part is updatable to keep your system secure. TorizonCore is a lightweight base system that contains the Linux Kernel and basic services, such as an over-the-air client and an optional container runtime. TorizonCore is free open-source software.

TorizonCore runs on Toradex SoMs, while the Torizon platform comprises not only TorizonCore and software that run on top of it, but also cloud hosted services and any other parts of Torizon that are not directly run on Toradex hardware.

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Built with OpenEmbedded/Yocto

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Optional docker container runtime

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Free Open-source Software

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Support for mainline and downstream kernels

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Based on Linux microPlatform

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OSTree with Aktualizr OTA client

Application Containerization

Software containers are a popular concept in the cloud computing field. A container contains applications and required software packages while sharing the kernel with the rest of the system. This allows for simpler application deployment and updatability while increasing security.

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Simpler over-the-air updates

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Increased security

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Small resource footprint compared to virtual machines

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Access to hardware acceleration


Out-of-the-box Experience

From boot-up to proof of concept in no time

With Torizon, you can get started right away. Torizon provides a Debian container, including Apt Package Manager. This setup is ideal for your first steps, as it allows you to download and try a large number of deb packages. Additionally, Toradex will also provide a wide range of development tools for pin configuration, display settings, performance monitoring and more. All tools are equipped with both local and web-based remote UIs.

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Debian package manager for fast proof-of-concept

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Development tools for pin configurations, monitoring, display settings and more

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Development tools with local and remote UIs

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Remove development container for production deployment


Application Development Experience

Use your favorite development tools
Visual Studio

Partner Containers

Get started in minutes

We’re working with the Toradex Partner Network to bring you our partners’ offerings in an easy-to-deploy form. Some potential ready-to-use containers include:


Current Status

Torizon is in an early beta state. Some features mentioned on this page are not ready at this time. Find here a list of use cases which are currently in beta stage.

Currently Supported Use Cases
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Boot Debian Container

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Install Debian packages

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Install a third-party container

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Install over-the-air Torizon updates from a development PC

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Update embedded display timings using device tree overlays


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