Quality and Reliability

Toradex Easy Installer

Toradex products often work in the most demanding environments, so they are designed with the highest standards of quality and reliability.
Here we highlight some of our efforts to guarantee this.

We have detailed documentation encompassing test descriptions, reports and other associated information provided via links throughout this page. If you need some additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Reliability by design
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Dependable in extreme temperatures
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Shock- and vibration-tested
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Full functional testing and traceability
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Standardized product variants
  • A small number of product variations allows for extensive testing
  • Numerous customers use the exact same product
  • You benefit from early issues spotted by other customers
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ISO 9001
  • Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) contracted by Toradex are ISO 9001-certified
  • SoMs manufactured in Germany
  • Carrier boards manufactured in Germany and Thailand
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Software quality
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Long-term availability
  • Selection of reliable suppliers
  • Second source components whenever possible
  • 10+ years SoM availability
  • Proven track record