Success Stories

Our customers use Toradex Hardware and Software to build innovative connected products. For example, advanced building automation, electric vehicle charging, camera system, smart street lights and much more.

Industrial Automation & Robotics


3D Real-Time Computer Vision

Roboception offers innovative solutions for navigation, real-time perception and manipulation for industrial robotic systems. The rc_visard is the world’s first 3D sensor that allows robots to perceive their environment in 3D and localize themselves in space.


HMI for Pipeline Inspection Crawler Systems

Sewer systems are mission-critical infrastructure. They prevent diseases and floods, making it possible to safely collect and divert rainwater. This infrastructure must stay in good working order and be properly maintained.

9T Labs

The Future of Composite Manufacturing with 9T Labs, NXP® and Torizon

9T Labs is a multinational company providing automation technology to digitize the composite production workflow for the most innovative companies.



WELLJET Reagent Dispenser

This device focuses on high precision and accuracy to offer superior user experience and flexibility for medical applications that require low-cost, fast and precise bulk reagent dispensing.

Transportation, Vehicles and Agriculture


All-in-one Automotive ADAS, Infotainment, Navigation & IoT Domain Controller

Traxen's domain controller is an all-in-one integrated controller that is used in its own advanced AI-based ADAS product.

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