GmbH GmbH is an embedded software engineering company providing services to manufacturers of industrial automation and control systems. provides consulting, development, validation and maintenance on the embedded software of automation devices. The expertise covers software architecture design, firmware and low-level driver development on different CPU technologies, BSP/device drivers and middleware development for various RTOS including Linux as well as the integration of the CODESYS runtime system from 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH. distributes and integrates technologies for the compatibility of automation devices with Industry 4.0 & IIoT. also markets BE.educated®, the e-learning platform for Industrial Automation Software Tools. GmbH

Services can be offered on any CPU/OS platform. have done mainly work on Linux, Real-Time, SoftPLC, EtherCAT, OPC UA on Toradex platforms but these services can be extended to the complete firmware, or parts of the firmware.

Software Services


EtherCAT, OS & Driver Development, PLC IEC 61131-3


Europe, North America, South America

Operating Systems:

Embedded Linux have implemented the Matrikon Flex OPC UA stack on the Apalis iMX6 board with their OPC UA server, which an OPC client can connect to. can help porting SoftPLC, EtherCAT, OPC UA Flex OPC UA on other Toradex modules. - industrial automation, control systems, EtherCAT, OPC UA

Codesys and Matrikon on Toradex Apalis Module by

Develop Industry 4.0-ready OPC UA-enabled products with Toradex & Matrikon

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Joint Projects

  • Matrikon Flex OPC UA stack on the Apalis iMX6
  • Industrial Control System with CODESYS and Matrikon
  • Econ9 compact PLC, PanelPLC and Web-panel
  • TFT Touch Displays
  • I/O Hub, high-level automation


Heisinger Straße 12, Kempten 87437, Bayern, Germany
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