Custom Product Solutions

Can’t find the right off-the-shelf solution for your embedded product? Leverage Toradex’s expertise and let us help you with semi or fully-customized solutions! With our Custom Solutions, you have the freedom to tailor our off-the-shelf offerings to meet your exact requirements, speed up your development process, and lower time-to-market.

All Custom Product Solutions have lifetime hardware and software support, backed by Toradex’s industry-leading support team and a comprehensive software stack with a frequently updated embedded Linux OS, a secure update system, and remote access.

20+ Years of Expertise at Your Hands

Focus on Your Application

Let us handle the hardware side, including enclosures, certifications, and manufacturing and lifecycle management. Leverage our long-term maintained software stack to focus only on your application.

Cost Effective

Minimize cost and risk by paying only for the modification you need, ensuring fast time to revenue. You can start with a Toradex SoM, SBC, or a full solution and customize it to fit your application.

Rapid Design and Manufacturing

Designed, sourced, and manufactured under the same roof as our off-the-shelf products, we have the capabilities and expertise to quickly build your product and efficiently support your developers.

Long-Term Maintained Software Stack

Skip Yocto customization and go straight for application development with our embedded Linux distro: Torizon OS. It also supports out-of-the-box Secure OTA updates and Remote Access, enabling easier compliance with regulations. Torizon OS is also fully open-source.

Toradex Quality and Reliability

Benefit from the quality and reliability that Toradex is well-known for. Your customization will be designed and manufactured fully in-house and not outsourced to third parties, ensuring Toradex-level quality devices.


From Your Napkin Sketch to Your Product

How we do it

With Custom Product Solutions, you have many different starting points available for your customization. Start with our Complete Devices, Carrier Boards, or even our Systems on Module (SoMs) and tailor it to your exact requirements. That ensures the most effective cost, as you only pay for what you change.

Complete Solutions Customization

Start from one of our off-the-shelf complete devices, and modify it by adding accessories like displays and cameras, changing its size or color, including extra certifications, and more. We help you to bring your perfect device to life with extra quality and reliability. Learn more about our Complete Solutions to choose a starting point.

  • Change the shape or color of one of our enclosures, white-label it, and change interfaces
  • Add additional accessories like Displays and Cameras, all ready-to-use
  • Got another customization request? Let us know!
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Single-Board Computer Customization

With Toradex Solutions, you can take one of our Production Carrier Boards, and customize it to suit your specific needs. Whether you need to add or remove interfaces, change the size or shape, or incorporate additional features, our team of experts is here to bring your vision to life. Learn more about our Single-Board Computers to choose a starting point.

  • Change the shape and size of the PCB, or add extra connectors
  • Remove interfaces you don’t need, to further optimize cost
  • Got another customization request? Let us know!
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Chip-down Designs

For projects requiring higher volumes or designs that are too small to accommodate a System on Module (SoM), Toradex Solutions offers chip-down design services. Leveraging our expertise in embedded computing, we can integrate one of our SoMs directly into a custom PCB, creating a truly single-board computer tailored to your specifications. Learn more about our Systems-on-Module to choose a starting point.

  • Fit high volumes in your budget by going for a chip-down design based on our SoMs
  • For space-constrained applications, integrate the SoM into the PCB to make it fit
  • Got another customization request? Let us know!
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