Toradex Partner Highlights at Embedded World 2018: ITTIA

Apr 12, 2018 | English

Watch this video interview with Toradex Partner, ITTIA. Sasan Montaseri, Founder and President, ITTIA, discusses the company’s partnership with Toradex, talks about the key focus, strengths and USPs of ITTIA and touches upon the ease of leveraging SQL to easily build Smart, Data-Driven, Connected IoT Devices.

Sasan highlights the benefits of being associated with Toradex, and also provides a special offer (waiver of fee of 1,000 EUROS) for all Toradex developers and customers for a one-day training to familiarize themselves with ITTIA’s Database Software and the Toradex platform. Visit for more.

Additionally, Ryan Phillips, Software Engineer at ITTIA provides a demonstration of ITTIA software on a Toradex System on Module.

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