Diamond Systems’ Eagle family of SBCs based on Toradex’s Apalis line of CoMs

Jonathan Miller, Founder and President, Diamond System Corporation, speaks of Diamond’s focus on IO-rich rugged solutions and SBCs. He also touches upon the benefits of SBCs based on CoMs such as Diamond’s Eagle and the Eaglet families of SBCs based on Toradex’s Apalis line of CoMs. In addition to highlighting the benefits of Diamond’s partnership with Toradex, Jonathan speaks of how customers will have immediate access to the latest generation of processors using the Eagle family of products once the new Apalis iMX8 comes out later in 2018.

Data: Jul 11, 2018
Idioma: English
#Diamond Systems #Embedded World #NVIDIA® Tegra™ #NXP® i.MX 6 #NXP® i.MX8 #Toradex Partners
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