Guest Webinar: Harness the Power of Database for IoT Edge Device Data Management

Whether your systems are measuring energy, pressure, wind speed or rainfall, collecting and managing large quantities of data from sensors and devices is a major challenge. During this Toradex webinar with Partner ITTIA, we share the software and hardware components used to build industrial IoT applications for a simulated smart factory with a focus on collection, storing, analyzing and distributing data. This is a great opportunity to learn how a common software and hardware architecture can simply be applied to develop a family of related products with varied capabilities.

With a live demonstration, we share how manufacturers building industrial automation, medical device, power grid, transportation, and similar IoT systems can benefit from the incredible power of the right devices to manage and distribute embedded IoT data.

Key takeaways:

Data: Oct 17, 2018
Idioma: English
#Edge Computing #Industrial Automation #IoT (Internet of Things)
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