NXP & Toradex: i.MX 95 Verdin EVK | Toradex at Embedded World 2024

May 13, 2024 | English

Toradex's Daniel Lang, recently engaged in a compelling conversation with James Prior from NXP during Embedded World 2024.

Their discussion delved into the strong NXP and Toradex partnership and the Early Access Program for the i.MX 95, focusing on the exciting Toradex i.MX 95 Verdin Evaluation Kit, highlighting the fact that the kit is already shipping!

James Prior also highlights how the kit provides a comprehensive, complete development environment, integrating cutting-edge technology and offering a full-stack solution from hardware to software. Designed for developers working on automotive entertainment, industrial automation, IoT applications, and more, the i.MX 95 Verdin EVK includes advanced AI and UI tools provided by Toradex partners like The Qt Group, Crank, and CODESYS.

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