Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions offers off-the-shelf, ready-to-use hardware kits and a software stack to speed up your development process and lower time-to-market. Our solutions are presented in the form of complete devices, including industrial enclosures, accessories, and certifications. On top of that, our solutions are fully customizable, have scalable performance options to further optimize cost, and, in the end, add Toradex's expertise and quality to your finished product.

All of Toradex's Complete Solutions have lifetime hardware and software support, backed by Toradex's industry-leading support team and a comprehensive software stack with a frequently updated embedded Linux OS, a secure update system, and remote access.

Just add Your Application!

Meet our off-the-shelf hardware kits, which include everything you need on the hardware side: an embedded computer with scalable performance, an industrial enclosure, and extra accessories, all fully tested and certified for industrial use. On the software side, our Devices come pre-installed with Toradex’s long-term maintained, industrial, embedded Linux distro: Torizon OS, including Secure OTA Updates and Remote Access.

Pre-assembled with enclosure, tested and certified

Lifetime Hardware and Software maintenance

Fully Open-Source. You can freely modify it

Off-the-shelf, and ready-to-use devices

Available for White Labeling

Scalable performance, optimize for performance or cost

Let us help by customizing it for a fully-tailored solution

Ivy Industrial PCs

Engineered to excel in the most demanding industrial environments, it is a modern general-purpose Linux box that redefines the possibilities of industrial edge computing.

What we offer:

Modern, general-purpose ARM Linux box

Pre-assembled with DIN-mounted industrial enclosure


Expandable through a mPCIe slot

Interfaces for cameras and displays

The perfect fit for:


Process control and automation


Expandable through a mPCIe slot

Interfaces for cameras and displays

Ivy Edge Gateway

Designed to simplify IIoT application development and deployment, Ivy Edge Gateway takes the hassle out of industrial hardware integration, allowing you to focus on your application.

What we offer:

Develop your IIoT application easily

Pre-assembled with industrial enclosure

Versatile, high-speed connectivity (2x GbE)

Industrial interfaces for input and output

Available for white-labeling

The perfect fit for:

Data aggregation and monitoring

Energy management systems

Protocol integration

Predictive maintenance

Easy-to-Use Software Stack

Our Embedded Linux distro Torizon OS allows you to skip hardware integration and Yocto customization, and go straight for application development. It also comes with out-of-the-box support for Secure OTA updates and Remote Access, enabling easier compliance with the EU Cyber Resilience Act and other upcoming cyber-security regulations. Torizon OS is also fully open-source.

  • Torizon
  • Linux

Long-Term Supported, Widely Tested and Open Source Linux Distribution

Highly Productive Modern Software Development

Stay Up to Date With Minimal Maintenance

Extensive Software and Partner Ecosystem

Built-in with Secure OTA Updates, Offline

Customize a Solution

Focus on Your Application

Let us handle the hardware side, including enclosures, certifications, and manufacturing and lifecycle management. Leverage our long-term maintained software stack to focus only on your application.

Cost Effective

Minimize cost and risk by paying only for the modification you need, ensuring fast time to revenue. You can start with a Toradex SoM, SBC, or a full solution and customize it to fit your application.

Rapid Design and Manufacturing

Designed, sourced, and manufactured under the same roof as our off-the-shelf products, we have the capabilities and expertise to quickly build your product and efficiently support your developers.

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