Aquila Arm Family

Fast and powerful, like the eagle

Aquila is a new System on Module standard expanding the Toradex portfolio to new heights, offering unparalleled performance for computationally intensive CPU, machine learning, and vision workloads.

To power next-gen’s AI requirements in industrial and other harsh environments, Aquila introduces a proven connector: the 400-pin board-to-board connector, making the board extra reliable, especially in these environments.


High-Performance Computing

Unparalleled performance for computationally intensive CPU, machine learning, and vision workloads.

Optimized for AI and Vision

Powerful NPU and ISP unlock new possibilities for artificial intelligence and computer vision applications.

Extra Rugged Connector

Rugged and reliable ~400-pin board-to-board connector ensures industrial reliability.

Ready for the Future

Future-proof, scalable, and ready to power next-gen AI innovations.

Industrial Reliability

Designed and manufactured for high reliability and longevity in harsh, demanding environments.

Power Efficient

ARM-based, Aquila consumes less power than x86 devices while offering comparable performance.

Torizon: Easy-to-use Industrial Linux

All Aquila modules come with the Open Source Torizon Linux, ready for Secure OTA Updates, Remote Access and Device Monitoring, so you can focus on your application.

Lifetime Maintenance

10+ years availability, long-term Software support.

Meet the New Form Factor

Rugged board-to-board connector

For extra reliability in harsh environments, we introduce an industry-proven board-to-board connector, making Aquila SoMs ideal for the most demanding environments, including extreme temperature ranges.

Flexible and future-looking set of interfaces

With the highest pin count (approximately 400 pins) of all Toradex Computer-on-Module families, Aquila provides exceptional flexibility for applications requiring multiple modern high-speed interfaces.

Compact form factor

With a similar size to the Apalis form factor, Aquila SoMs are the ideal fit for space-constrained and mobile applications, including AGVs, drones, and hand-held devices, requiring high-performance AI and real-time controls.

Our Highest Performing Family

Aquila is Toradex’s newest family of Computer on Modules (CoMs) and is designed specifically for applications requiring the highest performance, industrial reliability, and safety. Going further, Aquila is also cost-effective: offering similar performance for a lower cost, when compared to alternatives like x86 devices and other proprietary GPU-accelerated hardware.

Aquila Computer on Modules Family

  • A72
  • A72
  • A72
  • A72
  • A72
  • A72
  • A72
  • A72
  • R5F
  • R5F
  • 3D GPU
  • NPU
  • ISP
  • VPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 128GB FLASH


Toradex - Aquila Arm Family - A Sneak Peek
Introducing the Aquila AM69 with TI | Toradex at EW 2024


Torizon Linux Platform

Torizon is a Linux-based software platform ideal for industrial, medical, and other highly-reliable scenarios. It is a developer-friendly ecosystem that simplifies the process of developing and maintaining embedded software...

Reference Images for Yocto Project

Toradex carries out in-house development and maintenance of a Yocto Project-compatible production-quality Embedded Linux BSP. Our extensive documentation...


FreeRTOS is supported directly by Toradex. It is a real-time OS that runs on the Cortex-M4 cores in parallel to the main OS.


Android is supported by our service partner Kynetics. An Evaluation will be provided free of charge as a binary installer directly on Toradex Easy Installer feeds and in source-code.

Other Computer on Module Families

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