What is a
Computer on Module?

A Computer on Module (CoM) or System on Module (SoM) is a small form-factor, ready-to-use, computing solution that consists of the application agnostic hardware and software for developing any embedded product. In terms of software, it contains the Operating System, Device Drivers and associated BSPs.

A Computer on Module (CoM), also known as a System on Module (SoM), is a single physical module that incorporates many common computing components. Common CoM components include a CPU, RAM, flash memory, a power management unit, an Ethernet bus and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios. The availability of all this hardware as a single unit reduces the complexity of final product designs.

Toradex SoMs also come with ready-to-use operating systems and integrated support for popular development environments, frameworks and other third-party software. All the Interfaces are available on an edge connector. The module is plugged into a carrier board that attaches the interfaces to connectors or application-specific components hosted on the carrier board. A carrier board is often simple to build, as all the complexity is contained within the module. This makes it possible to develop four-layer carrier boards with prices below US$20, for example.

Toradex and our partners also provide off-the-shelf carrier boards which can be used for development in a wide range of applications. System on Modules greatly reduce the complexity and risk of developing and maintaining a product while maintaining high flexibility in the form factor.

Benefits of using Computer on Module

Accelerate time-to-market

Focus on development of application-specific parts of your product. Let the CoM take care of the essential design commodities

Optimize product development cost

Enhance your profit-margin by leveraging economies of scale and reducing project cost, with an off-the-shelf CoM

Use proven solutions

Eliminate significant development risk by using a reliable solution. CoMs are extensively field-tested by existing customers

Access to latest technology

Stand out from competition by using CoMs based on advanced technologies (SoC, Memory) sourced from the market leaders

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