Why Toradex

In addition to choosing the right System on Module (SoM) to meet your technical and financial requirements, it's equally important to choose the right SoM partner for your product's success. You should consider multiple factors, such as technical support, product availability, supply chain, and product maintenance when selecting SoM partners. Read on for more about how Toradex addresses these requirements.

Our products are designed to run 24/7 in critical applications and to withstand harsh environments. Some of our more than 3000 customers use our SoMs in extreme conditions, including high or sub-zero temperatures, high vibration, high humidity, etc. For example, our SoMs are used in World Cup Rally cars.

Rather than producing a wide array of mediocre products, Toradex focuses on producing a smaller set of well-tested, dependable products. Additionally, most of our customers run their own specialized tests for their applications. With our direct sales model, we're very close to our customers and we work together with them extensively. This inspires confidence in our customers and enables us to gather feedback from their tests, which in turn helps us improve our products for the benefit of all customers. Even you would probably not conduct all tests yourself, a great advantage over custom-built SoMs.

Every Toradex module can be tracked, and a detailed test report is available for each one. Our many customers in the medical industry are proof that our products can meet even the most exacting standards and requirements.

All Toradex manufacturing partners are ISO 9001 certified.

For additional information, visit the Toradex Quality and Reliability page.
Apalis, Colibri and Verdin SoMs are pin-compatible within the family. This ensures seamless migration of the embedded platform to future technologies without the need for redesign. Multiple product variants can be built with the same application software and carrier board by using SoMs with varying specifications. Pin-compatibility allows you to react quickly in case the market demands higher performance or lower prices. Toradex understands that pin-compatibility on the hardware side is not enough, so we go the extra mile to make sure you can move your software with ease from one module to another.
Toradex offers guaranteed product availability of more than 10 years: the Colibri PXA270, which was launched in 2005, is still available for sale. Long-term product availability is one of the key requirements during component selection for a new design. In the rare event that a component used in our SoM goes to end-of-life, Toradex has a well-defined Product Change Notification (PCN) process that alleviates any risk on your supply chain. Toradex will find a replacement component and make any required software changes. This minimizes the risk associated with component obsolescence in your end-products over their lifetime.

Toradex guarantees a 24 month warranty for its products against defects, by means of a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) process.
Toradex invests significant engineering resources in designing and developing both the SoM’s hardware and software in-house. The result is a platform that is optimized for maximum performance and power efficiency. This is evident from our fast-booting system that can cold boot into an application in less than 0.5 seconds, for example. Toradex engineering can help to make sure you get the most out of the hardware for your application. Toradex embedded computers can take advantage of the latest hardware features, such as CUDA, OpenCL-enabled GPUs, Crypto accelerator, and high-performance 3D rendering capabilities.
Toradex offers a superb out-of-box experience with its SoMs. Ready-to-use, production-grade operating systems let you focus on your applications. A variety of tools for controlling and monitoring GPIOs, display settings, system load, etc. helps to streamline your project development. Together with our partners, we offer out-of-the-box support for Qt, Crank UI, CODESYS, Virtualization, OTA, and more. Toradex Easy Installer makes selecting and installing an OS quick and convenient, as well as simplifying your volume production. Extensive support resources for carrier board design and schematic reviews are provided so that you get your carrier board right the first time.
Our Developer Center contains more than 800 articles and is constantly growing. It offers everything from getting-started guides to in-depth technical information about software and hardware. We conduct regular webinars on various topics related to our SoMs. In addition, our technical blog offers information on a variety of subjects related to embedded development.
Toradex offers industry-leading support via multiple technical support channels. You can reach our engineers via email and phone—or, try our active Toradex Community forums, where our specialists address your queries. We have local support teams around the world, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us and communicate in your own language.
Our extensive partner network includes third-party companies that offer services and hardware to complement Toradex’s offerings.

Would you like to outsource your carrier board design? Our proven partners can both design and manufacture the carrier boards for you. All our partners have successfully completed projects based on Toradex products, so you get proven services.

Our service partners offer off-the-shelf software that is optimized for our SoMs. We work closely with partners like Qt, Crank Software, CODESYS, Resin.io, and Prove & Run, among others, to offer you a seamless experience.
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