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Toradex announces early access program in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors for the Toradex Titan Evaluation Kit featuring NXP’s i.MX 95 Applications Processors

Tuesday, November 7, 2023


The i.MX 95 Titan Evaluation Kit (EVK) has evolved into the i.MX 95 Verdin Evaluation Kit: Read more here.

07 November 2023, Horw, Switzerland: Toradex, a leader in Industrial IoT, Edge, and embedded computing solutions, today announced the start of the early access program in collaboration with NXP® Semiconductors for the i.MX 95 Titan EVK - Toradex’s Evaluation Kit (EVK) based on NXP’s flagship i.MX 95 applications processors family - featuring NXP eIQ® Neutron NPU, Arm® Mali™ GPU, NXP image signal processor, and multiple compute domains in a functional safety development platform - at the NXP Tech Day held in Detroit, Michigan. Toradex was chosen by NXP to support its Early Access Program to accelerate the adoption of the i.MX 95 applications processor in key markets and applications.

Toradex | NXP

Toradex’s Titan EVK empowers developers to kickstart projects and smoothly transition from proof-of-concept to large-scale production with ease, speed, and advanced security - enabling a wide range of machine vision and advanced edge applications across several markets including automotive edge, industry 4.0, robotics, healthcare, transportation and smart office. The Titan EVK has been carefully engineered to cater to evolving needs such as functional safety, security compliance, edge AI solutions, real-time processing, machine learning performance, and power efficiency.

“We are excited to have Toradex as the first early access embedded solution partner for i.MX 95 applications processors. The Toradex i.MX 95 Titan EVK will allow access to our latest i.MX 9 family with the most advanced features we have offered on the platform to date," said Dan Loop, Vice President and GM, Automotive Edge Processing at NXP. “Toradex has been a strategic embedded solutions partner for i.MX since 2014 and together we have enabled more than 25 i.MX products to provide developers with a highly optimized platform to begin their development.”

The Titan EVK comes with some key features including extensive scalability options that go beyond the typical offerings of evaluation boards. This flexibility provides ample room for customization, making it a perfect fit for a wide array of applications. The inclusion of an M.2 and mini-PCIe slot ensures effortless integration of Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth, cellular modems, high-speed storage and other peripherals. Toradex will soon make available Dual-band 1x1 Wi-Fi 6/Bluetooth/Matter Tri-Radio module based on NXP’s IW612 and future Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity solutions. The Titan EVK also introduces LPDDR5 memory, elevating memory performance and graphics capabilities to a new level. In addition to the two TSN-capable Gigabit Ethernet ports, one of the stand-out key features is an optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet port, a feature not commonly found in other industrial IoT evaluation kits. This addition enhances connectivity and throughput for data-intensive edge applications.

i.MX 95 Titan Evaluation Kit - Toradex | NXP

i.MX 95 Titan Evaluation Kit (EVK) - Toradex | NXP

Toradex has carefully chosen components to enable customers with the flexibility to switch to automotive-grade components in their custom designs, seamlessly transitioning from development to production.

“This reinforces NXP's continued validation of our role as a strategic partner within their ecosystem. The Titan Evaluation Kit promises to accelerate innovation while enabling ease of use, and faster time-to-market without compromising on security. We've listened to the requirements of our strategic customers and partners in the industry and, as a result, designed this evaluation kit that integrates scalability, modern high-performance features, low development risk, and cost-efficiency.” said Samuel Imgrueth, CEO of Toradex.

"Toradex's early access program for the i.MX 95 Titan EVK, in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors, is a pivotal step in streamlining the path from prototype to production for industrial IoT and edge computing applications," said Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Leader from the Futurum Group. "This initiative not only accelerates adoption in key sectors but also addresses critical requirements for functional safety, security, and machine learning at the edge, marking a significant evolution in embedded computing platforms," he added.

Early Access to Toradex’s i.MX 95 Titan Evaluation Kit starts today. As this is in Early Access, availability is restricted. Please head to the Toradex Website to Apply for the i.MX 95 Titan Evaluation Kit.

With millions of Toradex computing products deployed across thousands of demanding applications worldwide, Toradex has provided highly reliable System on Modules (SoMs) and embedded software since 2004 and has been an NXP partner since 2014.

Toradex reduces the complexity and cost of designing and maintaining products using NXP’s i.MX applications processors. Toradex SoMs are pin- and software-compatible, allowing customers to switch seamlessly between NXP’s i.MX 6, i.MX 7, i.MX 8 series, thereby scaling application performance, features and cost. Torizon, by Toradex, offers a ready-to-use, simple-to-configure industrial-embedded Linux OS and a complete IoT Platform, including features such as full-stack remote updates (OTA), device monitoring, remote IoT device management platform, remote access, and more.

This is complemented by Toradex’s extensive online resources, active community, strong partner ecosystem, and support offices around the globe.

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