V1.0 release of Colibri T20 Windows Embedded CE 6 & Compact 7 Board Support Packages

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WindowsToradex have announced the V1.0 production release of their Windows Embedded CE 6 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 Board Support Packages (BSPs) for their Colibri T20 NVIDIA Tegra 2-based ARM computer on module family.

Toradex BSPs are amongst the most advanced available, and include a large number of additional drivers as well as optimised versions of standard drivers.

Toradex BSPs are designed to be extensively configurable.  Any desired adaptations to the Bootloader and operating system can be made via the registry settings and adding files to the on-board flash file system.

The BSPs are available at http://files.toradex.com/Colibri/WinCE/.

The Colibri ARM-based low-power computer-on-module family from Toradex is deployed in hundreds of applications across a wide range of different markets. The Colibri product line differentiates itself from other competitor products by providing an extremely mature, feature rich, and complete hardware and software platform, around which product ideas can be quickly realized.

To find out more about the Colibri computer on module family, visit: Colibri.

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