Success Stories

Our customers use Toradex Hardware and Software to build innovative connected products. For example, advanced building automation, electric vehicle charging, camera system, smart street lights and much more.

Industrial Automation & Robotics

9T Labs

The Future of Composite Manufacturing with 9T Labs, NXP® and Torizon

9T Labs is a multinational company providing automation technology to digitize the composite production workflow for the most innovative companies.


Prática Industrial Speed Oven

Using our NXP i.MX 7 powered Colibri iMX7 System on Module and Torizon, we provided Prática with a robust, secure, and reliable embedded system with online updates, monitoring of devices, and more.



WELLJET Reagent Dispenser

This device focuses on high precision and accuracy to offer superior user experience and flexibility for medical applications that require low-cost, fast and precise bulk reagent dispensing.

The RND Group

Handheld PCR Testing Device and a Desktop Blood Testing Device

RND has recently delivered two different medical device software systems using Docker containers running on Torizon OS embedded Linux distribution.

Transportation, Vehicles and Agriculture


Building a New Era of Renewable Mobility

Tarform's Luna electric motorcycle sets a new industry standard, combining high performance, superior handling, and exceptional build quality, powered by Toradex technology.

Test and Measurement


Pollen Analyzer - Ampha P20

It's easy to use, the data analysis is automated, and it focuses on reducing the number of chemicals used for growing produce.

Mosaic Design Labs

Mosaic Design Labs - Colorimetric Assay Instrument

Mosaic Design Labs faced the challenge of developing a cutting-edge, real-time colorimetric nucleic acid amplification assay instrument for its customer.

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