Updating Cortex-M Firmware and other external devices
Securely Over-the-Air

Date: February 22, 2024

Most embedded Linux products include much more than simply an SoC in their architecture. It's also very common to have external peripherals (even if inside the SoC) like a Cortex-M Core, or external MCUs, FPGAs, and HMIs, just to name a few. Even inside the Linux system, you may have payloads that are “external” to the OS and the Application, like a machine learning model or a video. Any Over-the-Air (OTA) system allows the updating of the Operating System, but Torizon now also allows users to securely update all of these subsystems with the new Subsystem Updates feature, with all the Security and Reliability from the Uptane standard!

In this webinar, you'll understand what Subsystem Updates are and how they can be used to update any subsystem on your embedded product. We also present a live demo, illustrating how to define one of these subsystems and how to describe the update process for it, and show live an OTA deployment of a new ESP firmware connected to the Toradex board as an example.

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how to reliably update any subsystem in your embedded Linux product via OTA Updates, like the Cortex-M4 firmware or an external MCU - with a live demo
  • Reduce complexity in remotely updating payloads like machine learning models, configuration files, and videos
  • Understand how Uptane secures your product for OTA Updates and makes the updates reliable, from the Bootloader to the OS, application stack, and external devices
  • See how to comply with regulations like the EU Cyber Resilience Act when updating multiple subsystems of your embedded product

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