Guest Webinar: Heterogeneous Multiprocessing with Android on NXP i.MX 7

Asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) systems fulfill the need for high performances and real-time by combining the responsiveness of a MCU (Cortex-M) with the processing power of an application processor which runs a full OS.

This webinar presents a technical overview on asymmetric multiprocessing and its implementation on an NXP i.MX 7 Colibri SoM running Android on the MPU (Cortex-A, master core) and FreeRTOS on the MCU (Cortex-M, real-time core).

The MCU (Cortex-M) is sampling data from an IMU breakout board and sending them to the master core through the RPMsg communication provided by the Android Kernel.
Both headless (native app) and headful (Android GUI app) clients have been developed leveraging respectively Android NDK and JNI.

Key takeaways include:


Datum: Jun 6, 2018
Sprache: English
#Android #Asymmetric Multicore #FreeRTOS #Heterogeneous Processing #NXP® i.MX 7 #Toradex Partners
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