TI AM69 Computer on Module

Aquila AM69

  • Toradex's highest-performing SoM
  • Based on the TI AM69 processor with up to 8x ARM Cortex-A72 cores
  • State-of-the-art Deep Learning Accelerator with up to 32 TOPS
  • Ideal for robotics, AI, real-time control, and computer vision applications
  • Rugged board-to-board connector
  • LTS-supported Linux Software stack, including OTA, Remote Access, and Device Monitoring


Higher Performance with 8x ARM Cortex-A72 Cores

Aquila AM69 is based on the high-performing TI AM69 SoC. It offers up to eight Cortex-A72 cores at 2.0 GHz for maximum performance and two Cortex-R5F microcontroller cores. That makes the Aquila AM69 a perfect fit for high-performance edge computing.

Built for AI and Computer Vision Applications

The Aquila AM69 is ideal for building cutting-edge AI and computer vision systems. Leverage Toradex tooling on the software side and high-performing NPU, ISP, and VPU units on the hardware side for use cases demanding the highest performance.

High-Performance Machine Learning

Aquila AM69's integrated neural network processing unit (NPU) achieves 32 TOPS for fast inference times, outperforming CPU- and GPU-based solutions in the same power range several times. Toradex provides integration with popular machine learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow.

Industrial Reliability

Aquila is engineered for industrial reliability and a long-lasting lifetime, with 10+ years of continuous operation at maximum temperature. That is also reflected in its rugged board-to-board connector (400 pins), making Aquila AM69 the right choice for mission-critical applications.

Hard Real-Time Ready

With a heterogeneous multicore architecture, Aquila AM69 also offers two ARM Cortex-R5 for complex real-time and safety-critical applications with extremely low latency.

Rich Industrial Interfaces

The Aquila AM69 offers a very rich interface, reducing the cost and complexity of the rest of the systems. This makes the Module ideal for Robotics control and high performance gateway.

Highlights include:

  • up to 5x Ethernet Interfaces with integrated Switch
  • up to 19x CAN interfaces
  • up to 11x UARTS
  • up to 12x MIPI CSI Cameras
  • up to 3x PCIe Gen3

Torizon for Remote Updates, Remote Access and Monitoring

Aquila AM69 is available with a tightly integrated, Torizon Cloud accelerating the development and facilitating the maintenance of your products. Some key features include highly secure and reliable remote updates, fleet monitoring, and remote access.

Toradex Aquila Family

The Aquila AM69 is part of the Aquila family and pin-to-pin-compatible with the other Aquila SoMs. Designed for industrial reliability and unparalleled performance, Aquila is the perfect fit for demanding applications working in harsh environments.

Aquila Product Family

Ready to Power the Next-Generation of On-Device AI

Aquila AM69 is equipped with a 32 TOPS NPU to power state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications. Its high-speed camera interfaces also allow multiple 4K camera streams for computer vision applications, with dedicated Image and Video processing units.

Toradex offers support for industry-standard tools and frameworks in the areas of Machine Learning and Computer Vision.


Low Inference Latency


Fast Image and Video Processing

3x Quad-Lane MIPI CSI-2

Up To 12 Full HD Cameras Connected

State of the Art Tooling

Great Developer Experience


Torizon makes modern, iterative product development easier by seamlessly integrating hardware, an OS, development tools, remote updates, and fleet monitoring. That makes it a scalable solution for devices requiring high reliability and security.

Be Fast, Be Secure, Be Reliable

Torizon accelerates your Aquila AM69 project. The ready and maintained embedded Linux OS with simple tools allows you to focus on your application. Torizon is built with Continuous Delivery in mind, so you can ship early and update iteratively. Secure and Reliable Built-in Remote Updates, Device Monitoring, and Remote access reduces your risk. It lets you detect issues before they get serious, debug devices in the field, and take action. Torizon also makes it easy to comply with new regulations like the EU Cyber Resilience Act.

Get an Overview For Application Developer For Tech Leads

We wanted to focus our time and engineering resources on developing the application and solving related problems. And Torizon helped us to achieve this goal

Adrian Aschwanden,
Hardware & Software Developer, G&O Embedded Systems GmbH

Operating Systems

Aquila AM69 comes with a free maintained Embedded Linux Operating System. You can either take our Reference Images based on the Yocto Project, or you can use Torizon OS. Torizon OS is also built with the Yocto Project but it is a ready-to-use Embedded Linux distribution. It is configurable for your custom carrier board via the simple to use TorizonCore Builder Tool. This enables developers to concentrate solely on their applications, without having to worry about the underlying operating system and low-level device drivers.

Torizon Embedded Linux OS

Torizon is a ready-to-use Linux-based software platform ideal for use in areas like industry and medicine, where reliability is critical. It is a developer-friendly ecosystem that simplifies the process of developing and maintaining embedded software..

Reference Images for Yocto Project

Toradex develops and maintains a Yocto Project-compatible, production-quality Embedded Linux BSP in-house.


CPU Name TI AM 69
CPU Type Up to 8x Arm Cortex™-A72
Microcontroller 2x Arm Cortex™-R5F
CPU Clock 2.0 GHz (A72)
1.0 GHz (R5F)
RAM Up to 32GB LPDDR4 (128 Bit)
Flash Up to 128GB eMMC
This data is preliminary and is subject to change.
USB 3.2 1x DRD | 1x Host
Ethernet 1x Gigabit with AVB (+4 SGMII)
Wi-Fi 2.4/5/6 GHz Dual Band
2x2 Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.3
PCIe 3x (Gen 3)
I2C 9x
SPI 7x
UART 11x
PWM 12x
Analog Input 9x
CAN 19x
GPIO 110x
Neural Processing Unit (NPU) 32 TOPS
ISP 2x
Display Controller Triple
2D Acceleration Yes
3D Acceleration Yes
Video Decoder 2x
Video Encoder 2x
Display Serial Interface 2x Quad Lane MIPI DSI
Display Port 1x DP 1.4 or 1x eDP 1.4
Digital Audio 2x I2S
Camera Serial Interface 3x Quad Lane MIPI CSI-2 (12 Virtual Channels)
Size 85 x 60mm
Temperature -40° to +85° C
Shock / Vibration EN 60068-2-6/50g 20ms
Power Dissipation Approx. 5W - 25W
Product Availability 2034+
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Aquila AM69
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Toradex offers off-the-shelf accessories that can be directly used in end products. For a few of these accessories, design files including assembly drawings, schematics and Altium projects are available.
Toradex tests the peripherals listed in its webshop and works directly with vendors of Cameras, Modems, Displays, Sensors, and more, to make the integration with Toradex SoMs as easy as possible.

Learn more on our Developer Center
Capacitive Touch Display 10.1" LVDS
  • LVDS cable (250mm) and 10 pin FFC cable (250mm) to connect it with a Carrier Board
Capacitive Touch Display 10.1" DSI
  • 34 Pins 0.5mm FFC Ribbon Cable (250mm) to connect with a Carrier Board
PCB Antenna Unictron AA222 MHF4 100mm
  • Cable length: 100mm
  • Frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (dual-band)
  • Manufacturer: Unictron
  • Reference: AA222 (H2B1PD1A1C385L)
Chang Hong DA-2458-02 Dual-Band Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Dipole Antenna RP-SMA
  • Frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (dual-band)
  • Manufacturer: Chang Hong
  • Reference: DA-2458-02
Pigtail Antenna Cable MHF4 to RP-SMA 100mm and 200mm
  • Cable length: 200mm
  • Suitable for outdoor-usage (IP67)
CSI Camera Set 5MP Color AR0521
  • MIPI CSI-2 interface
  • onsemi AR0521 1/2.5" 5MP color image sensor with ISP
  • M12 lens mount (S-mount)


Toradex - Aquila Arm Family - A Sneak Peek
Introducing the Aquila AM69 with TI | Toradex at EW 2024

The pin-compatibility of Toradex’s SOMs, along with tools such as the Pinout Designer, facilitate scalability and flexibility of design so that we can rapidly add and deploy new features while minimizing redesign of the fundamental architecture.

Ed Bear,
Software / Systems Developer, Tarform


Min. Product Commitment
Hardware Roadmap

This roadmap indicates how the product is planned from a Toradex hardware development point of view. This is not a detailed release date representation, but visualization of our internal product development timeline.

* Please note that the Product Version might change before going to Volume Product state without prior notice. Toradex is striving to provide a flawless experience once the product is being declared a Volume Product and therefore the hardware might be updated during the Sample Product phase. For details about the Toradex phase-over policy please refer to the PCN Policy Page.

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Aquila AM69 System on Module

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