Product Change Notification (PCN) Policy


Toradex is highly committed to ensuring long-term availability of its products. Despite a very careful evaluation process for both hardware and software components, Toradex might be forced to deploy replacement parts which might not be 100% drop-in-replacement.

The following PCN Policy page describes the PCN Policy related to Toradex Hardware Products and the PCN Policy applicable to Toradex Software Products.

Customer’s Obligation of Validation

Toradex’ s Embedded Computing solutions allow a fast time-to-market by reusing widely deployed platforms running 24/7 in thousands of applications.

But as the Hardware and Software Products of Toradex are only one part of the end product, Toradex cannot take any responsibility for the suitability or reliability of the customer product. Therefore, customers are obliged to do a full release testing of the intended combination of Toradex Hardware and Toradex Software Products on the target system. The software to validate shall include the complete stack (for example the combination of boot loader, OS and application).
Customers shall only use a fully validated combination of Toradex Hardware and Toradex Software Products in volume production.

Hardware Products

Product versus Product Version

While a Hardware Product is defined by a common name and by its first four digits in its Product Number (PN), the Hardware Product Version is revealed in the last four digits of the PN and might change over a product lifetime.
The obsolescence of key components, for example, might require a new Product Version of the Hardware Product. This is the case if there is no reasonable technical replacement part which guarantees the same form, fit and function or if the change adversely affects the quality or reliability of the product. This is commonly referred to as a “major change”, leading to a new Product Version.


  Product Product Version
Product Name Colibri iMX6ULL 512MB WB IT Colibri iMX6ULL 512MB WB IT V1.0A
Product Number 0040 xxxx 0040 1000
Product Name Iris Carrier Board Iris Carrier Board V1.1B
Product Number 0135 xxxx 0135 1101

Product Version Changes

Starting in Sample Product state every Product Version adheres to the following process chart:

Sample Product

A Sample Product can either be an entirely new product or an updated version of an existing product. The products in this state are not yet fully validated by Toradex and subject to change without prior notice from Toradex.

Volume Product

Volume Products are products fully validated by Toradex and recommended for volume production. Our customers will be notified of changes in advance via Product Change Notification (PCN).

Evaluation Product

Evaluation Products are auxiliary products recommended for development purposes. Examples of such products are Evaluation Boards and Camera Adapters. These products are not intended to be used in volume production. Therefore, these products are subject to change without prior notice and Toradex doesn’t guarantee any minimum availability.

Product Change Notification (PCN)

Product Versions in Product Change Notification (PCN) state are scheduled to transition to End Of Life (EOL) state.
Prior to buying products in this state, customers are requested to check respective changes and availability stated in the PCN document. This document is published by two means: First under the respective product in the tab “Product Revision History” on the Toradex Developer Center, secondly the PCN is actively being sent out by E-Mail to all customers having received the affected product within the previous 36-month period.
The PCN document will state all relevant information with regard to the time schedule, the description and the projected impact of the changes applicable to the Product Version.

For Volume Products, Toradex aims to ensure an easy transition to the new Product Version by the following:

  1. Whenever possible, Toradex strives to provide a 6-months Last Time Buy (LTB) option for the old Product Version. However, in certain circumstances, the availa­bility of raw material might be limited and for such cases Toradex reserves the right to set the respective Product Version under allocation
  2. The Last Time Ship (LTS) date which denotes the latest delivery date of the old Product Version, is at least another 3 months past the Last Time Buy
  3. Samples of the new Product Version shall be available to customers for testing and validation purposes, unless the product itself is transitioning to End of Life (EOL)

For Evaluation and Sample Products, customers shall be aware of:

  1. Neither the LTB not LTS option is being offered
  2. Available stock will be sold until inventory is depleted

Software Products

Toradex is constantly adding features and improving its Software including boot loader, operating systems, libraries and tools. All changes of a specific software version is documented in the respective change log of the Software Product. The applicable Software Versioning Convention is documented on the Toradex Developer Center

Please contact our technical support if you have any questions.

Product Version Change

Toradex does publish the roadmap of its Software Products on the Toradex Developer Website's Software Section.

Windows CE / Windows Embedded Compact

The Windows Embedded Compact BSP roadmap can be found on the Toradex Developer Website's Windows Embedded Compact Section by selecting the respective BSP and then “Release Roadmap”.

Embedded Linux

The Embedded Linux BSP Releases are documented on the Toradex Developer Website's Linux Software Release Section.

Toradex also provides an overview of its Embedded Linux BSP Support strategy on the Toradex Developer Website.